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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
A-Team Mercenaries denversaur
Abbey Chase Archeologist icecreamman
Abbey Chase Danger Girl drbindy
Ace Fixed-Wing Aircraft Pilot sgartz
Ace Pilot SSgt Groover
Ace Battle Corps Rangers Pilot OreoBuilder
Ace Mission Briefing Lance Sputnik
Ace Fighter Pilot Kwinn_Lives
Ace Fighter Pilot singsingjohnny
Ace Deuce American Ninja HypnoHustler
Action Man International Super Agent OreoBuilder
Action Man Para 50th Anniversary Action Man Para OreoBuilder
Action Man UN Peacekeeper 50th Anniversary Action Man UN Peacekeeper OreoBuilder
Action Marine 50th Anniversary Marine OreoBuilder
Action Sailor Naval Attack toy-nutz
Action Soldier Airborne Military Police toy-nutz
Action Soldier Demolition toy-nutz
Admiral Elapinae Venomous Sea Serpent Admiral sgcaper
Adventure Team Commander Field Commander Ian
Adventurer Desert Specialist Ian
Adventurer Adventure Team bcost74
Agent 47 Video Game Assassin ibps
Agent Blue Committee President OreoBuilder
Agent Delgado Tiger Force Operative icecreamman
Agent Doulox Undercover Agent icecreamman
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