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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Colonel Lupus Commanding Officer, 5th Viper Regiment starviper
Colonel Rubicon Cobra Armoured Regiment Commander starviper
Colonel Skelic Commander, 1st Cobra Urban Assault Brigade starviper
Colonel Skewer Commanding Officer, 12th Viper Light Regiment starviper
Combat SEAL Jogunwarrior
Commander Fenrir, The Snow Wolf Cold Weather Commander LeeMarvin80
Commander Nadir Cobra Desert Forces Second-in-Command LeeMarvin80
Commander Void Cobra Night Watch Commander LeeMarvin80
Compass Arctic Recon Mainframe
CON-Traption Doomsday 'Bot joemichaels70
Condor Cobra Falconer Phobus
Constrictor Marsh Viper Leader raptor
Constrictor Forca Fera Amphibious Assault Jogunwarrior
Cool Hand Machine Gunner Tim 121RVC
Corkscrew Autobot Demolitions Kwinn_Lives
Cortex Dr. Mindbender's Assistant & Shop Welder joemichaels70
Cottonmouth Water Moccasin Gunner Jogunwarrior
Cougar Special Forces Weapons Sergeant Doc Rob
Counter-Punch Infiltrator vidmouse
Cover Girl Wolverine Operator, Intelligence Agent husker85
Coyote Mossad Officer raptor
CPT Krimov Political Officer Stormavik
Crack-Shot Sniper Jogunwarrior
Crackshot Shooting Instructor Mainframe
Crank Dreadnok snowman_ejc
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