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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
C-B.A.T. Ceremonial B.A.T. beav
C.A.T. Tank Drivers Tank Drivers Dryhawk37
C.I.S.S. Trooper Cobra Internal Security Specialists Kamakura
C.L.A.W.S Repaint Division ibps
C.Y.L.O.N. Cybernetic (Lightly Armored) OperatioNs joemichaels70
CAT Command Android Trooper raptor
Chain Viper Special Operations Infantry Kwinn_Lives
Chow Viper Cobra Line Cook duecey
Clamp BAT BAT Prototype Hive_Viper
CLAW Viper Crewed Light Assault Weapon Handler raptor
Club Consortium Heavy Weapons Operative Phobus
Cobra Air Troopers Rattler Crew Tunnel Rat
Cobra Air Troopers Cobra Jet Pack Trooper Tunnel Rat
Cobra Armoured NCO Tank Crew Leader starviper
Cobra Armoured Trooper Tank Crewman starviper
Cobra Artillery Trooper Gunner, Indirect Fire Weapons starviper
Cobra C.L.A.W.S. Cobra Light Desert Infantry Robrauder
Cobra Civil Order Trooper Riot Control starviper
Cobra CLAWS Combat Light Armored Weapons Specialist KrushViper
Cobra Cuirassier Heavy Infantry Officer Kwinn_Lives
Cobra Eclaireur Advance Recon Kwinn_Lives
Cobra Ecuyer Aide-de-Campe Kwinn_Lives
Cobra Ensign Communications Trooper Kwinn_Lives
Cobra Grognard Warrant Officer Kwinn_Lives
Cobra H.I.S.S. Gunner Heavy Artillary Kamakura
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