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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Cannonball RHINO Driver mshadow
Cannonball Dreadnok Pirate Pyre
Capt. Grid-Iron Hand-to-Hand Combat Specialist Pyre
Captain America Avenger, a.k.a. Steve Rogers v2 drbindy
Captain Caveman Smashing Zed Heads sgcaper
Captain Skip Campbell Action Force Strategist LeeMarvin80
Catfish Desert Ambush patrol: Code Name Team Whiskey Rick Wheeler
Catwoman Infiltration/Procurement/Shadow Broker Kilcarr
Catwoman, a.k.a. Selina Kyle Master Thief, Nemesis of Bruce Wayne v1 drbindy
Chameleon Undercover/Infiltration alleyviperelite
Chappy Adventure Team Leader Dusty79
Chase Alexander Computer Tech aboard Ajax's Talon drbindy
Chef Cook HypnoHustler
Chickenwire Mother Psychological Operations past nastification
Christmas Commando Christmas tree ornament Dusty79
Chuckles Undercover/Black Ops DavAnthony
Chuckles Infiltration HypnoHustler
Clark "Superman" Kent Accelerator Supersuit KAL-31 Prototype Pilot Pyre
Cloudburst Air Commando bucky
Clutch Night Force Vehicle Driver Dusty79
Clutch VAMP Driver Otto the Otter
Cobra Commander IDW Style The Commander mikomatsing
Cobra Commander Leader FNAadventures
Cobra Commander Terrorist Mastermind Die Hunn
Cobra Commander Interchangeable Black Uniforms DanOfTheDead
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