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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Cachette French Airborne Reconnaissance Kwinn_Lives
Captain Ahab Moby Dick character kramer 70
Captain Kitty Morale officer pluv
Carla "Doc" Greer Tiger Force Medic toy-nutz
Cat Eagle Force Escape Artist Kwinn_Lives
Caveira Mercenary aka "The Skull" Mainframe
Cesspool Cobra Industrial Leader toy-nutz
Chain Viper Special Operations Infantry Kwinn_Lives
Checkpoint Steel Brigade Security Kwinn_Lives
Chikatilo Field Commander Kwinn_Lives
Chong Li Kumite Fighter customgijoes
Choo Choo Train Driver Mainframe
Chop Shop Dreadnok Mechanic Mainframe
Chopper Dreadnok Salvager Kwinn_Lives
Chromedome Star Squad Leader Kwinn_Lives
Chuck Norris Action Hero Rambo
Chuckles Classified ronin
Ciclon Diabolic Commander Mainframe
Clairvoyant Cobra Intelligence Trooper Tim 121RVC
Claymore Covert Operations Kwinn_Lives
Claymore Combat Infantry Badvibes258
Claymore Covert Operations Jogunwarrior
Clean-Sweep Mega Marine Hostile Environment Specialist Jogunwarrior
Clobber Dreadnok Muscle Mainframe
Club Bouncer harlie
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