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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Fake Out Intelligence HypnoHustler
Falcon Snake-Eater Officer Kwinn_Lives
Falcon Green Beret OreoBuilder
Fast Blast Viper Heavy Weapons Trooper OreoBuilder
Fast Draw Mobile Missile Specialist Ian
Fast Draw Death From Afar sgcaper
FEM-B.A.T Ver. 1 Battle Android Agentjh
Female Cobra Trooper Infantry blaster_e11
Female Iron Grenadier Destro's Elite Troopers Go Figure
Field Marshall Vasic Storm Trooper Field Marshall sgcaper
Finback Deep Sea Adventurer OreoBuilder
Fire Ant Cobra Flamethrower Dayspring
Firebomb Arsonistic Warlord - Pyro's Band of Thugs DanOfTheDead
Firefighter Firefighter OreoBuilder
Firefighter Randall Firefighter sgcaper
Firefighter Smith Firefighter sgcaper
Firefighter Tohms Firefighter sgcaper
Firefly Cobra Saboteur LIVEVIL
Firefly Explosive expert kramer 70
Firefly Crimson Guard, Sabotage Owner of a lonely B.A.T.
Firefly v.7/13, the red one the odinson
Firefly Red Master Kwinn_Lives
Firefly Sonic Fighter Weapons Platform Commander Jogunwarrior
Firefly Saboteur OreoBuilder
Firefly Arctic operations Tim 121RVC
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