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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Falx Viper Warrant Officer, Paladin of Cobra starviper
Farooq Bodyguard toy-nutz
Fast Track Infiltrator driver icecreamman
Father Kurt Wagner Preacher Lance Sputnik
Feather Head Air Pirate nova
Fer De Lance Mercenary Phobus
Fer de lance (Spearhead) Infantry Commander G.I.JAC
Fer-de-Lance Viper Expeditionary Brigade Commander starviper
Firebomb E.O.D Jimbotron
Firebug Flamethrower Mainframe
Firecracker Small Arms Specialist john_mounier
Firestorm Flamethrower Mainframe
First Aid Pararescue Kwinn_Lives
Fisher MNU Mercenary StevieSNLD
Fivehead (with Hoax and Tech Support) Bio-enhanced Tactician (w Tactical Rabbits) past nastification
Flashbang Desperate Mission Specialist Ian
Flat Top Dreadnok Sergeant-at-Arms Kwinn_Lives
Fleabag & Kennel Cough Dog Handler past nastification
Fly Viper Teleportation Accident Viper bcost74
Flyby Night Boomer Pilot Jogunwarrior
Forge 21st Century Battleforce Commander Electric_Knight
Forward MOBAT Driver past nastification
Foul Play Faulkner Group Commando Phobus
Fox Hole Infantry hypnoteyes
Foxhole Green Beret Jogunwarrior
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