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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Hacker Computer Tech/Infiltration bucky
Hailstorm (Version 2) Z Force Infantry Support Gunner lavenderlad
Han Solo Smuggler and Rogue drbindy
Hank Aires Pilot, Mechanic drbindy
Hannibal Cobra High Command Owner of a lonely B.A.T.
Hannibal Mercenary HypnoHustler
Hard Drive Computer Systems Technician LeeMarvin80
Harley Quinn Joker Gang #2 drbindy
Harpoon Seal LeeMarvin80
Hawk Warrior drbindy
Headless Horseman Halloween Custom Dusty79
Headman Headhunter alleyviperelite
Heartwrencher Dreadnok Mechanic Pyre
Heavy Metal Tank Operator DavAnthony
Hellboy Heavy Armor Division joemichaels70
Hellfire, aka Sophia Dante Paladin Knight drbindy
HELLION Post Apocolyptic Joe figure indrox1
Hi-Tech Armament Research/Design Kilcarr
HISS Driver - Crimson Guard Crimson HISS driver Pyre
HISS Driver - Heavy Weapons Heavy Weapons HISS (Gatling Varient) Driver Pyre
HISS Gunner Crimson HISS Gunner Pyre
Hit & Run Infantry Die Hunn
Hit & Run Light Infantry sgcaper
Hit & Run UK Tiger Force Dusty79
Hit & Run Tiger Force Light Infantryman Pyre
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