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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Jackhammer Hand to Hand Combat Kilcarr
Jackpot Criminal Investigations Mainframe
Jade Dragon Trooper Combat, Infiltration, toy-nutz
Jailbreaker Dreadnok Mainframe
James Jacobs Fanboy: Ultimate Collector bcost74
Janus Cat Cold Slither Heavy Metal Rock Band Pianist Mainframe
Jaws Diving, Swimming, Nautical Navigation toy-nutz
Jazz Green Beret Jogunwarrior
Jekyll and Hyde SEAL Dog Handler Jogunwarrior
Jellyfish Diver past nastification
Jestyr Fury Force Sniper drbindy
JM-70 Grumptruck Lance Sputnik
Jm7o Selfie as a Youngster joemichaels70
Joan the Purifier Dragoon Cleric drbindy
Joe Canuck Canadian Ranger (Sigma 6) THE Mike
Johnathan Liechtenauer Bladed Weapons Master Kilcarr
Johnny's Rebels Modern Cavalry G.I.JAC
Josie Fontana, aka Admiral La Fontaine Exiled Armada Officer drbindy
Jotunn Arctic Infantry Operations Lt_Falcon76
JUMP Bot Base Defense Kilcarr
Jungle Ninja Cobra Island Stealth Assassin JoeFan
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