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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Lady Jaye Covert Ops 2DARK2C
Lady Jaye Covert Operations snowman_ejc
Lamprey Arctic Assault Gear CDR
Laser-Viper Laser Trooper Dragonfly2099
Law & Order Arctic LBC Dusty79
Leatherman Naval Technician Tim 121RVC
Leave No Man Behind Wounded Navy S.E.A.L. The pros from Dover
Letal Special Missions (Lethal) Mainframe
Letal Elite Brazilian Frag-Viper greboguru
Leviathan Mercenary alleyviperelite
Leviathan IG Officer seconded to Cobra starviper
Lieutenant Bludd A younger, hungrier Sebastian Bludd. Jedgar33797
Lifeline II Battlefield Paramedic LeeMarvin80
Lift-Ticket Helicopter Pilot Jay
Line Drive Tank Crew alleyviperelite
Lockjaw Infantry Jogunwarrior
Longshot Urban Sniper raptor
Lord Asriel Belacqua Explorer/Scientist Kilcarr
Low-Light Sniper mattee88
Low-Light Night Spotter snowman_ejc
Lt. Falcon Re-Invisioned Scarlet Condor
Lt. Stone GI Joe Lieutenant /Pilot singsingjohnny
Ludwig Cold Slither Patrick A. Riley
Luke Mercenary / Warrior bono275
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