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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
M.A.R.S. AIR B.A.T. Iron Grenadier/M.A.R.S. Jetpack B.A.T. bcost74
M.A.R.S. Industries Officer Corporate Security Leader Phobus
M.A.R.S. Industries Trooper Corporate Security Phobus
Mace Consortium Guard Phobus
Magma-Viper Arson Mainframe
Marsh A.S.P. Assault System (Portable) Gunner raptor
Marsh Viper Cobra Swamp Trooper raptor
Mech-Viper Cobra Red Devil Mech Operator beav
Medi-Viper Cobra Medical Technician starviper
Medi-Viper Cobra Physician bearcatccc
Medi-Viper Battlefield Medic Phobus
Medi-Viper Cobra Medical Trooper Captain Tazer
Medi-Vipers Comic Version Dryhawk37
Medi-Vipers Cobra Medics iwbeta
Medic-Viper Cobra Battlefield Medic battlemunky
Medusa Trooper Baroness' personal soldiers toy-nutz
Mongrels Cobra Dog Handlers/Security Officers tristanx
Mortar Viper Mortar Soldier Kamakura
Mortar-Viper Cobra Mortar Trooper starviper
Mosquito Jet-pack Trooper beav
Moto-Viper Stun II Driver nova
Motor-Viper Vehicle Operator Phobus
Muddy Aquatic operations FNAadventures
Multiple Man Own best friend Lance Sputnik
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