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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Lieutenant, Bodyguard, Enforcer, Thug starviper
Narhari 21st Century Joe Team Tracker Electric_Knight
Narwhal Marine Commando Kwinn_Lives
Nathaniel Faireborn Old Heroes Never Die Dayspring
Nefertiti Archeologist, Adventurer toy-nutz
Nemo Combat Cyborg CDR
Neo-Viper Officer Officer danielb
Nicole Bradstrom Prime Sentinel CDR
Night Sight Cobra Night Spotter/Sniper Tim 121RVC
Night Tiger Master Ninja ibps
Night Witch Aircraft Pilot past nastification
Nightfall Arashikage Ninja Apprentice alleyviperelite
Nindroid Robotic Ninja Jogunwarrior
Nitro Demolitions expert dbmills1
Nocturnous Leader of The Horde Oneforceleader
Nomad Faulkner Group Ranger Phobus
Nomad Renegade Enforcer alleyviperelite
Nomad Desert Operations narceron
Northwind Canadian SAR Tech Kwinn_Lives
Nosedive Decepticon Air Warrior Kwinn_Lives
Nullifier Destro's Pilot alleyviperelite
Number Two, a.k.a. Dr. Bindy Team Red Laser Executive Officer drbindy
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