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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Panther a.k.a. Black Panther drbindy
Pathfinder Jungle Assault Specialist Veronica Mars
Pathfinder Jungle Assualt Specialist bucky
Percy Ajax v01 Series 01 - Pirate Hunter drbindy
Percy Ajax v03 Series 02 - Pirate Hunter OR Knighthawk v54 drbindy
Percy Ajax v06 Series 03 - Ajax After Dark (also Knighthawk) drbindy
Percy Ajax v09 Series 04 - Ultimate/HACKS drbindy
Perro Loco Viper Elite Command alleyviperelite
Pigsty Swampmasher Driver Dusty79
Pin-Up Swamp Boat Pilot Dusty79
Pinhead Sadism joemichaels70
Pointer MP cuervo
Pooch Pilot joemichaels70
Popeye The Sailor Man joemichaels70
Prince Abdullah Warpigs Recruit drbindy
Professor Amijaan Patel Bio-Cyberneticist Oneforceleader
Prowl SWAT Supercop Pyre
Psyche Out Psy-Ops, Counselor bucky
Psyche-Out Psy-Ops mikomatsing
Psyche-Out Deceptive Warfare and Therapist DavAnthony
Punisher Vigilante Justice drbindy
Pyramid Head V.2 Avatar of Valtiel Dark Horse
Pythona Cobra-La Assassin alleyviperelite
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