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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Pathfinder Jungle Trooper Jogunwarrior
Payback Hater of all things GI Joe customgijoes
Peak Mountain Trooper harlie
Pegasus Brazilian Airborne Rescue Kwinn_Lives
Persausion SWAT Negotiator harlie
Perun Oktober Guard Laser Trooper harlie
Peter Venkman Ghostbuster kramer 70
Phantom Killer The Town that Dreaded Sundown Killer customgijoes
Polecat Iron Grenadier Armor Driver Kwinn_Lives
Poluicao the Polluter Pollution Czar Mainframe
Porpoise SBS Sniper Kwinn_Lives
Power-Drive Crew Chief / Engineer (Astronaut) hawkeyehicks
Pravda Oktober Guard Urban Combat harlie
Predator Alien trophy hunter kramer 70
Predator Alien hunter Rambo
President Julian Montoya President of the Republic of Marquetalia Rambo
Private Infiltration Dragonfly2099
Psyche-Out Psychological Operations Expert Jogunwarrior
Psyche-Out Mega Marine Psy-Ops Officer Jogunwarrior
Psyche-Out Night Force Deceptive Warfare Jogunwarrior
Psyche-Out Psy-Ops Specialist Jogunwarrior
Psycho Mantis Psychic Expert Rambo
Pulp Fiction Hitman istvanantal
Punchline Subversive Operations Specialist Jogunwarrior
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