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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Race Bannon Adventure Team Security drbindy
Ragnar Phoenix Guard Agent alleyviperelite
Rambo Code Name: Lone Wolf JoeFan
Rampage Rawhide Vehicle Driver bucky
Rampart Coastline Defender LeeMarvin80
Rampart Shoreline Defense bucky
Rapid Fire Fast Attack Expert LeeMarvin80
Reaper Cobra Merc Pyre
Reaper Recon ronin
Reaver Dreadnok LeeMarvin80
Recoil LRRP LeeMarvin80
Recon Viper Steel Crusher Gunner & Forward Observer joemichaels70
Recondo Jungle Adventure drbindy
Recondo Tiger Force Jungle Trooper Pyre
Recondo Jungle Trooper Die Hunn
Red Cobra BIO Trooper - Stealth Operative snowman_ejc
Red Baron Cobra Flying Ace sgcaper
Red Hood EXCAL Vigilante drbindy
Red Hood Assassin Kilcarr
Red Jackel Weapons Dealer Owner of a lonely B.A.T.
Red Skull World Domination sgcaper
Red Titan Shadow Walker driver Dark Horse
Red Torch Flamethrower trooper Dark Horse
Regent Covert Operations sgcaper
Regina Intelligence Agent UncleHappy
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