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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Santa Claus Ready for battle! Tim 121RVC
Scarlett v. 1.1 drbindy
Scarlett Ninja Force Counterintelligence Kwinn_Lives
Scarlett Silent operations/intelligence Drmezmo
Scarlett Counterintelligence corpscommandercody
Schrage Infantry Kwinn_Lives
Scrap-Iron Urban Weapons Experimentation starviper
Serpentor Emperor corpscommandercody
Sherlock Holmes Modern Detective drbindy
Shooter Sniper Kwinn_Lives
Sinbad Ancient Adventurer drbindy
Slip-Stream Fighter Pilot Kwinn_Lives
Snake Eyes Long-Range Recon Patrol Kwinn_Lives
Snake Eyes Desert Commando Kwinn_Lives
Snake Eyes Commando in Black Kwinn_Lives
Snake Plissken Escaping drbindy
Solid Snake Commando drbindy
Solid Snake Metal Gear Commando drbindy
Space Ghost Intergalactic Crime Fighting (and tv host) drbindy
Sparks Communication Specialist StevieSNLD
Spider-Man Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man drbindy
Spider-Man Web Slinger, Crime Fighter drbindy
Spirit Tracker corpscommandercody
Star-Lord Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol.2 drbindy
Steeler Tank Commander Kwinn_Lives
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