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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Sabot InfiltrationDemolitions ronin
Salvo Anti-Armor Trooper Spin Doctor
Salvo GI Joe Heavy Artillery Expert Liftoff
Samoom Cobra Desert Specialist Owner of a lonely B.A.T.
Sandstorm Desert Warfare Specialist Pyre
SAS Stalker SAS Panther driver Dark Horse
Scarface Cobra Officer starviper
Scarlett LBC Commando ibps
Scarlett Counter-Intelligence (VvV LBC) ibps
Scarlett Counter Intelligence/ H.A.L.O Jumper husker85
Scarlett Covert Operations/Accelerator Suit snowman_ejc
Scaron Cobra Political Liaison Mike T.
Sci-Fi Laser Trooper Stalker
Sci-Fi Laser Trooper Lance Sputnik
Scoop Information/Recon Dragonfly2099
Scooter Steel Brigade Reservist pluv
Scorch Vipers Cobra Flamethrowers LeeMarvin80
Scout Mine Sweeper steve2477
Scrap Iron Anti-Armor Specialist giTom1025
Scrap-Iron Anti-Armor Specialist Stalker
Scrap-Iron Urban Weapons Experimentation starviper
Scrap-Viper Anti-Armor Trooper ramonesbootlegs
Searchlight Adventure Team Rescue Adventurer OreoBuilder
Sei Tin Ninja Master Owner of a lonely B.A.T.
Serpentor Emperor Dragonfly2099
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