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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
The Saffron Cobra Bladed Weapons Expert KrushViper
The Silent Master Ninja, Commando, Paladin Knight Master drbindy
The Space Cowboy Guitar pickin', card playin', gun shootin' drbindy
The Spider-Man Noir Kilcarr
The Telina Rose Revolutionary drbindy
The Warrior Queen Kingdom of Elysia's Ruler drbindy
The Widowmaker EXCAL Paladin Commando (v.2) drbindy
Throttle Recon Sled Driver Dusty79
Thunder Heavy Artillery Specialist Dusty79
Thunderblast Grenadier icecreamman
Tintin Interpol Inspector drbindy
Tiro Certo Urban Infantry LeeMarvin80
Tollbooth Bridge Layer Driver Dusty79
Tomax Crimson Guard Commander HypnoHustler
Tombstone Weapons Dealer/Gambler Stronox
Tombstone Psychological Operations Kwinn_Lives
Tony Stark Garage Shop Tony drbindy
Tony Stark Genius, Designer v2 drbindy
Topside Navy Assault Seaman LeeMarvin80
Topson Urban Communications Specialist LeeMarvin80
Torpedo SEAL Pyre
Torpedo SEAL HypnoHustler
Tracker SEAL Pyre
Tracker Hunting elusive enemies of the state Rick Wheeler
Traverse Snow Board Trooper Dusty79
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