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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
T-Bone Renegade beav
T-Rex Commando danielb
Taarna Heavy Metal Warrior Queen Mr Nobody
Tailhook Navy Fighter Pilot AceFlyboy
Tailspin P-40 Warhawk Pilot Jogunwarrior
Takedown SWAT Specialist CDR
Takedown Non-lethal Weapons Expert Jogunwarrior
Takedown Urban Peacekeeper/Infiltration bucky
Tanglefoot Marine Ground Recon Kwinn_Lives
TARGAT Commander Engineer and aviator ramonesbootlegs
Task Combat Search and Rescue Jogunwarrior
Tavern Wench As portrayed by Megan Fox drbindy
Tech Viper Cobra Engineer ramonesbootlegs
Temple Knights Knights O' the Dawn ibps
Tengu Venomized Ninja ibps
Tenko Arashikage Samurai and Infiltration Expert Sgt.Rican
Tennessee Safety Officer Mainframe
Terminator Cobra-La Shock Trooper Kwinn_Lives
Terra Viper Geological Warfare Jogunwarrior
Tetrix the Ace of Spades Intellegence Lord_Chain
The ANTI-FANBOY Johnny Jacobs bcost74
The Bambino Assassin drbindy
The Black Baron Merc Pilot beav
The Blue Hood Assassin Kilcarr
The Cowboy Cowboy DESTRIN 41016
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