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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Axe Consortium Shadow Unit Trooper Phobus
B.A.T. V1.5 Heavy Weapon Infantry Cobra Command
B.A.T.T. Battle Android Tank Trooper KrymsynGard666
Badger Driver Cobra Transportation Specialist Tunnel Rat
Black Cobras Sniper Viper pluv
Black Ice Viper Black Ice's Personal Entourage Scramble
Black Mamba Viper Ranger starviper
Blast Viper Ordinance Specialist beav
Blood Viper Suicide Trooper Fozzie
Blue Beret Commando Cobra Special Forces LIVEVIL
Blue Beret Officer Cobra Special Forces Officer LIVEVIL
BOLT-Vipers Cobra Link-Up Operations starviper
Bone-Viper Executioner/Butcher Captain Tazer
British Assault Squad Anti-Terrorist CaptainD
Bush-Viper Combat Engineer Matthew
Bush-Vipers Cobra Forest Troopers starviper
Bushmaster Jungle Troops beav
Bushmaster Viper Field Sergeant SnakeEyes Version 54
Bushmaster Jungle Warfare Specialist Jogunwarrior
C-B.A.T. Ceremonial B.A.T. beav
C.A.T. Tank Drivers Tank Drivers Dryhawk37
C.I.S.S. Trooper Cobra Internal Security Specialists Kamakura
C.L.A.W.S Repaint Division ibps
C.Y.L.O.N. Cybernetic (Lightly Armored) OperatioNs joemichaels70
CAT Command Android Trooper raptor
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