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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Biglob Reserve member of team Raw Hide xave
Bionic 1 Bionic Six Leader Sizemore77
Black Dragon S.A.V.A.G.E. mercenary Sizemore77
Blind Mountain Man Survivalist Desert Cat
Blind Woodsman Curing Radiation Poisoning past nastification
Blowtorch Flamethrower Tunnel Rat
Blue Falcon Crime Fighter icecreamman
Blue Falcon Hanna Barbera superheo pluv
Bonkers Cold Slither Patrick A. Riley
Bowser and Blitz C.O.P.S. K-9 handler Sizemore77
Bravestarr Sheriff icecreamman
Breaker Communications (Sunbow style) MacGyver
Breaker Field Communications Vanishing Point
Breaker Communications Sharkbait
Brock Sampson OSI Agent sgcaper
Brock Samson Bodyguard / Mercenary Iron Will
Brock Samson Body Guard/Secret Agent pluv
Bruce Sato Mechanical Engineer sgcaper
Bulletproof Leader of C.O.P.S. snowman_ejc
Bulletproof Vess C.O.P.S. Leader Sizemore77
Bullseye C.O.P.S. Pilot of Air Raid Sizemore77
Buttons McBoomBoom Big Boss' Enforcer Sizemore77
Buzzer DreadKop - Worlds Without End parts 1 and 2 bcost74
Casey Jones Crime Fighter icecreamman
Chip Private Investigator/former National Park DanOfTheDead
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