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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Gash Dreadnok Pyre
Gizmo Unconventional Killing Devices past nastification
Gung-Ho Tiger Force Marine Pyre
Heli-Viper Tactical Helicopter Pilot starviper
Helios CUTLASS Helicopter Pilot starviper
Hi-Tech R&D, Operations Support Specialist pluv
Hit & Run Marauders Team Leader Jogunwarrior
Hurricane Eagle Force Assault Trooper past nastification
Lab Rats Industrial Technicians past nastification
Lockdown SWAT Pyre
Mace Undercover Operative Pyre
Mangler Dreadnok Pyre
Night Fox Duke's Dirty Dozen Vehicle Driver OreoBuilder
Owl Parachutist Commando past nastification
Pointblank Marauders Sniper Jogunwarrior
Roadrage Dreadnok Biker Pyre
Sand Rat Desert Warfare Specialist past nastification
Sgt. Slaughter Marauders' Commander alleyviperelite
Sledgehammer SWAT Door Buster Pyre
Snake Mercenary, The Bad Guys past nastification
Sneak Peek Marauders Recon Specialist Jogunwarrior
Stake-Out SAS Boat Pilot past nastification
Stakeout SWAT Pyre
Stalker Tiger Force Ranger Pyre
The Black Major Combat control Dark Horse
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