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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Doctor Mindbender Surgical Strike Lance Sputnik
Dogtags Combat medic Liquidation-d
Dr. Emma "Static" Schellenberg Combat Medic erwiny
Dr. Horrible Medical Prodigy alleyviperelite
Falcon Green Beret jlw515
First Aid Pararescue Kwinn_Lives
Frieze 181st Serpents Doctor iwbeta
Frosty & The Snowman Arctic Medic Mainframe
G.I.Jane Physicist Veronica Mars
G.S.W. S.W.A.T. Medic The pros from Dover
Ice Argonaut Feild Medic CDR
Jag Medic buzzerbr
Josephine Jane "Nightingale" Colton Airborne Combat Medic hawkeyehicks
Lifeline Medic Frenchie
Lifeline Joe Medic English*Joe
Lifeline Doctor mshadow
Lifeline Medic 1:12th Scale lmateo002
Lifeline Joe Medic WiLdBiLl
Lifeline Medic john_mounier
Lifeline Combat Medic sgcaper
Lifeline GI Joe Doctor iwbeta
Lifeline Medic airborne4584
Lifeline Field Medic Vanishing Point
Lifeline Delta Alpha Medic Richie
Lifeline Rescue Trooper snowman_ejc
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