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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Ant-Man Avenger drbindy
Apparatus Android Medic skyknight
Archer Agent of ISIS pluv
Archer, Sterling Malory aka Duchess Secret Agent Iron Will
Arctic Wolf Arctic warfare & Sniper tigertank
Artaxias Hand to hand combat Kilcarr
Ash Post Apocolyptic figure indrox1
Ashiko BF3k Weapons Tech alleyviperelite
Avalanche Artic Weapons Specialist DavAnthony
B.A. Baracus Mercenary HypnoHustler
B.A.T. Security Edition Dusty79
B.A.T. H.I.S.S. Tank Support Android Trooper Dusty79
B.A.T. Valor vs. Venom bucky
Back-Stop Armor blackrazor1
Bad Road Green Beret Die Hunn
Ballistic Ballistic Expert icecreamman
Bank Robbers Criminals G.I.JAC
Bankshot Marksman Die Hunn
Banzai First-Strike Commando/Nunchaku instructor Kilcarr
Barney Ross The Expendables Leader snowman_ejc
Baron Ironblood Organisational Military Strategy/Born Leader Kilcarr
Baroness Intelligence Officer mikomatsing
Baroness Espionage drbindy
Baroness Adviser and Master Tactician HypnoHustler
Baroness MEDUSA HIGH COUNCIL drbindy
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