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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Alekhin Machine Gunner Doc Rob
Alex Mann Recon Kilcarr
Alexandra 'Armada' McCullen Destro's Duaghter theunknown
Alfonso "Dealer" Gamble Dealer joemichaels70
Alphonse Cobra Trainee harlie
Alpine Mountain Specialist actionjoe77
Am-i Bartender, Joe's Cantina drbindy
Amazon Survivor StevieSNLD
Anaconda Cobra Super Soldier Oneforceleader
Anju Aedes Sabotage and demolition StevieSNLD
Anraztemehk Shanatu Emperor Lord_Chain
Apex CUTLASS Aerial Scout starviper
Aphid Defoliation Expert LeeMarvin80
ARC Mechanic snowman_ejc
Arcus the Rogue Dungeons and Dragons character bcost74
Armatus Viper Sergeant, Paladin of Cobra starviper
Arsenal Laser Wave Living Weapon Jogunwarrior
Arsenal Weapons Master Owner of a lonely B.A.T.
Arsenal Experimental Weapons Mainframe
Artaxias Hand to hand combat Kilcarr
Assault Trooper Amphibious Assault past nastification
Athena McCullen The Duchess Dayspring
Avalanche 181st Serpents Demolitionist iwbeta
Awol Mega Marine Force Recon Jogunwarrior
Axis Stormtrooper Axis Stormtrooper Jogunwarrior
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