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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Cousin Eddie He means well bucky
Crankcase Transformers Beachcomber Crossover Driver Dusty79
Dargon Secaurs Leader OreoBuilder
Dark Dragon Aikido Force King of th Knife OreoBuilder
Dart Aikido Force Warrior OreoBuilder
Defender American Defense Infantry OreoBuilder
Defender Desert Infantry OreoBuilder
Flame American Defense Flamethrower OreoBuilder
Foot Soldiers Minions of Shredder OreoBuilder
Forest Green Infiltration bucky
Frogman Adventure People Frogman OreoBuilder
Frogman American Defense Combat Diver OreoBuilder
Grunt Spy Troops Infantry Commander OreoBuilder
Gunner Heavy Machine Gun OreoBuilder
Hammerhead Rulon Lieutenant OreoBuilder
Hawk Adventure People Outdoorsman OreoBuilder
Hawk The Bad Guys Soldier OreoBuilder
Hawkeye GUTS! Ground Troops OreoBuilder
Highway COPS Highway Patrol bucky
Iron Fist Holder of the ancient secret of the iron hand OreoBuilder
Jimmy Lee Double Dragon OreoBuilder
John Conner Future Leader of the Resistance bucky
John Eagle Stealth and Camouflage bucky
Justice Bronze Bombers Advanced Weapons OreoBuilder
K-9 Kid GUTS! Green Beret OreoBuilder
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