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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Dr. Mindbender Chief scientist of the Coil Captain Tazer
Dr. Mindbender Interrogation Specialist nighthawk
Dr. Mindbender Hazardous Materials and Lab Work pluv
Dr. Mindbender Scientist snowman_ejc
Dr. Mindbender RENEGADES Cobra Scientist DanOfTheDead
Dr. Nicholas Rush Scientist Lance Sputnik
Dr. Red Terrorist, Consultant, Evil Genius snowman_ejc
Dr. Rodney McKay Scientist Lance Sputnik
Dr. Venom Scientist joemichaels70
Dr. Venom Evil Scientist Dayspring
Dr. Venom Scientist/Interregator snowman_ejc
Dr. Venture Scientist drbindy
Dr. Zaius Minister of Science pluv
Eli Wallace Protege Lance Sputnik
George Washington Carver Chronophiles Inventor DanOfTheDead
Holly Goodhead CIA Scientist Lance Sputnik
Mahea Animal Researcher past nastification
Major Samantha Carter SG1 (desert ops) Lance Sputnik
Professor Amijaan Patel Bio-Cyberneticist Oneforceleader
Q Inventor Lance Sputnik
Zombie Viper Compound Z scientist kramer 70
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