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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Sir Conrad Hauser: The Duke Duke of the Gothan Island Knights dedmanoncampus
Sir Ettienne LaFitte Knight dedmanoncampus
Sir Ian Von Draigh Knight of Dragonus Ordo bcost74
Sith Lord Darth Fang Cobra Sith Master, Son of Darth Hood bcost74
Sith Lord Darth Hood Cobra Legion Sith Master bcost74
Skeletor Evil Lord of Destruction bcost74
Skeletor Masters of the Universe kramer 70
Snake Eyes Jedi Knight ibps
Snake Eyes Medieval Knight dedmanoncampus
Splat! Juggling Clown bcost74
Taarna Heavy Metal Warrior Queen Mr Nobody
Tavern Wench As portrayed by Megan Fox drbindy
Temple Knights Knights O' the Dawn ibps
The Beastmaster Master of Beasts drbindy
The Disciple Paramilitary Religious Fanatic Asphalt
The Fridge Joe Trainer moe
The Red Mage Wizard drbindy
WindShear Knight o' the Dawn ibps
Zarak Evil Half-Orc Assassin pluv
ZG Cosplayer joemichaels70
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