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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Lift-Ticket Nighthawk Pilot Jogunwarrior
Low Light NIght Force - Night Spotter snowman_ejc
Lt. Falcon Night Force Green Beret Jogunwarrior
Lt. Falcon Night Force Commander GI JOE 2000
Major Barrage Night Force Artillery OreoBuilder
Marshal Police PCITTON
Med Alert Night Force Medic Jogunwarrior
Muskrat Night Force Swamp Fighter Jogunwarrior
Nero Flamethrower PCITTON
Night Crawler Cobra Shadow Brigade Commander OreoBuilder
Night Force Lady Jaye Night Lancer Driver Goofateer
Night Force Sgt. Slaughter NF Drill Instructor StevieSNLD
Night Force Tundra Stalker Tundra Ranger StevieSNLD
Night Viper Cobra Night Operations Trooper OreoBuilder
Night Watch Officer Cobra Shadow Brigade Squad Leader OreoBuilder
Night Watch Trooper Cobra Shadow Brigade Infantry OreoBuilder
Nikita Sniper PCITTON
Ossicle Communications Officer Mainframe
Outback Night Force Survival mckeehan
Outback Survivalist StevieSNLD
Overwatch GI Joe Sniper OreoBuilder
Psyche-Out Night Force Deceptive Warfare Jogunwarrior
Recoil Night Force LRRP Jogunwarrior
Repeater Night Force Stedi-Cam Machine Gunner Jogunwarrior
Repeater Night Force Machine Gunner Vanishing Point
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