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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Kaboom Bronze Bombers Explosive Expert OreoBuilder
Karate King American Defense Martial Arts Warrior OreoBuilder
Kirk Adventure People Cameraman OreoBuilder
Kobudo Aikido Force Warrior OreoBuilder
Krunch Bronze Bombers Surveillance Specialist OreoBuilder
Link Hero/Adventurer/Time Traveler Dusty79
Lone Wolf GUTS! Jungle Fighter OreoBuilder
Long Chop GUTS! Aikido Force OreoBuilder
Mac Tough American Defense Commando OreoBuilder
Mad Axe Garbage Pail Kid bucky
Mad Dog Contra Commando OreoBuilder
Major Mac Krell GUTS! Underwater Demolitions Team OreoBuilder
Mapman Jackson Jungle Trooper OreoBuilder
Masked M.U.S.C.L.E. Unusual Small Creature Lurking Everywhere OreoBuilder
Mean Kid with Dog Trouble Maker bucky
MUSCLE Creature Retro Toy Fun Dusty79
MUSCLE Wrestler Retro Toy Fun Dusty79
My Pet Monster A Monster that is your Pet bucky
No Flak Bronze Bombers Desert Ops OreoBuilder
Panther Claw Aikido Force Stealth Warrior OreoBuilder
Protector American Defense Urban Combat Specialist OreoBuilder
Raider Sgt Rock Soldier OreoBuilder
Raider Sgt Rock Soldier in Camoflage OreoBuilder
Rambo Soldier of Fortune OreoBuilder
Ramrod American Defense Infiltration Specialist OreoBuilder
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