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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Dirk Courage Zone Rider Commander icecreamman
Doctor Scarab Evil Bionic Scientist DanOfTheDead
Don Karnage Air Pirate Captain DanOfTheDead
Donatello 1:18 TMNT 2DARK2C
Dora Explorer Lance Sputnik
Dr. Badvibes Big Boss' Evil Genius Sizemore77
Dr. Benton Quest Scientist past nastification
Dr. Benton Quest EXCAL Scientist, Researcher and Adventurer drbindy
Dr. Lucifer Cobra Weapons Development past nastification
Dr. Scarab Bionic Six Villain Sizemore77
Dr. Vandermeer Molecular Scientist past nastification
Dr. Venture Scientist drbindy
Driller Thundercat Ram-Pager (villain) Tim 121RVC
Duke Resolute First Sergeant Hard-er Master
Eduardo Dorado Hero Iron Will
Evy Range Viper Firebert
Evy Range Viper past nastification
Falcon 7 Falcon Force Director drbindy
Fatal Fluffy Battle Beast Dominators Vanishing Point
Fisto Eternian Warrior pluv
Flash Gordon Defenders of the Earth Leader Sizemore77
Flint Warrant Officer Iron Will
Flint Falcons Leader - Renegades mocjoes
Flynn Stone Vehicle Driver & General Bruiser joemichaels70
FOOT Soldiers Hi-Tech Ninja Mercenaries DanOfTheDead
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