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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Kermit the Frock Muppet Show rock artist Tim 121RVC
Kevin Godfrey Ninja FNAadventures
King Burger King Mascot pluv
Kowalski Improvised Engineering Dragonfly2099
LAWN Viper Lone Automatic Weapon Negotiator joemichaels70
Lucinda Mae Bride of Redneck The pros from Dover
Mac (Self Custom) Not your average Joe-ette MacGyver
Magilla Gorilla Mercenary Kilcarr
Mecha-Hitler Wolfenstein 3D Stage Boss Tim 121RVC
Oompa Lance-a Miniature Lance Sputnik Clone Dusty79
Orange Cream Soldier Object of Cobra Ridicule LobsterOverlord
Outback Scout Leader Tim 121RVC
Pimp Daddy Destro Destro starts pimpin' hoes. beav
Pipesnake Cobra Plumber Scrap-Iron
Professor Ghostrider Ghost riding the whip pluv
Raptor Venomized Bird of Prey Keenan
Rico Demolitions Dragonfly2099
Roadblock Cook abdielo
Roadblock Agent Hinton - Jazz Style ShadowKong
Rod Stewart Manager Lance Sputnik
Safety Viper Cobra Safety Officer Stalker
Santa Balls Balls of Holly nova
Santa Claus Battle Version joemichaels70
Santa Claus Ready for battle! Tim 121RVC
Sgt. Slaughter Training Advisor Mainframe
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