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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Qaos SPECTRE-Viper Commander starviper
Qarnage SPECTRE-Viper Team Deputy Commander starviper
Quasar Commandant of Cobra Artillery starviper
S.A.W. Viper Cobra Heavy Machine Gunner starviper
Scarface Cobra Officer starviper
Scimitar Commandant of the Cobra Armoured Legions starviper
Scout-Viper Light Infantry Reconnaisance starviper
Scout-Viper Light Infantry Reconnaissance 25A starviper
Scrap-Iron Urban Weapons Experimentation starviper
SPARTA-Viper Cobra Special Operations Ranger starviper
SPEAR-Viper Assaulter Cobra Special Operations Trooper starviper
SPEAR-Viper NCO Cobra Special Operations Section Commander starviper
SPECTRE-Vipers Cobra Clandestine Operations starviper
Storm-Viper Cobra Heavy Assault Infantry starviper
TAC-Viper Cobra Infiltration & Technology Acquisiti starviper
Trans-Viper Strategic Communications starviper
Viper Armoured Infantry Heavy Mechanised Regiment starviper
Viper Armoured Infantry Officer Mechanised Infantry Commander starviper
Viper Dragoon Armoured Infantry starviper
Viper Dragoon Officer Armoured Infantry Commander starviper
Viper Intrepids Long Range Forward Guides starviper
Wild Weasel Air Commodore and Pilot starviper
X-Viper Experimental Weaponry starviper
Xenex CUTLASS Guerrilla Team Leader starviper
Zodiac Cobra Irregular Warfare Operative starviper
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