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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Cobra Viper Candidate Infantry / heavy weapons expert magnus0341
Cobra Viper Marines Sergeant Naval Infantry Section Commander starviper
Cobra Viper Marines Warrant Officer Naval Infantry Platoon 2IC starviper
Cobra Viper Officer Infantry Officer Kwinn_Lives
Cobra Viper Officer Officer raptor
Cobra Viper Sniper One Shot, One Kill Cobrafirefly84
Cobra Viper-Marines Master Corporal Naval Infantry Section 2IC starviper
Cobra Viper-Marines Officer Naval Infantry Platoon Commander starviper
Cobra Warrant Officer Specialists and Platoon 2ICs starviper
Cobra Zombie Zombie Lance Sputnik
Coil Guard Elite Shock Trooper Dayspring
Coil Serpents Infantry Captain Tazer
Coil Viper Sepentors Personalized Guard theunknown
Comm.-Serpents Communications Captain Tazer
Commander Void Cobra Night Watch Commander LeeMarvin80
Constrictor Marsh Viper Leader raptor
Crimson B.A.T.s Crimson Guard B.A.T.s Scrap-Iron
Crimson Commando Cobra Elite Jay
Crimson Commando Bodyguard joemichaels70
Crimson Dragon Serpentor Gaurd pluv
Crimson Eels Tigershark Special Unit DREMEL
Crimson Flak Viper Antiaircraft Elite Trooper ViboraCarmesi
Crimson Guard Elite Guard Sharkbait
Crimson Guard Immortal Cobra Elite Trooper Phobus
Crimson Guard Immortal Urban Assault KrushViper
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