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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Pointblank Sniper sgartz
Poseidon U.S. Navy S.E.A.L., Maritime Commando The pros from Dover
Raid Infiltration and Espionage Kilcarr
Red Torches Pyro-troopers KrushViper
Ripper Dreadnok Stormavik
Ripper Dreadnok pluv
Ripper Dreadnok alleyviperelite
Road Kill U.S> Navy S.E.A.L. Urban Warfare The pros from Dover
Road Pig Dreadnok Kamakura
Road Pig Destruction Stormavik
Road Pig Zarana's Bodyguard alleyviperelite
Roadblock Heavy Weapons Ordnance Immortalzodd
Roadblock Steampunk version kramer 70
ROM Spaceknight pluv
Rudarius Classic Martial Arts Fighter Tim 121RVC
Santa Claus Ready for battle! Tim 121RVC
Scarlett Covert Operations Stormavik
Scrap Iron Weapons Designer pluv
Semper Fi Marine Kamakura
Sergeant T.A.N. Machine Gunner Tim 121RVC
Shade Assassin/Spy/Chameleon in suit KCZombie
Shadow Tracker Tracker / Jungle Survival Specialist StevieSNLD
Shadow Tracker Cobra Freelance Trooper Dr Joe
Shaka Zulu Leader of the Zulu kingdom Tim 121RVC
Shipwreck Shipwrecked Sailor pluv
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