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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Red Vulture Vehicle Operations/Maintenance & Repair bpackwood
Red Wolf Pilot/Avionics bpackwood
Repulsor & Dawg Toxo-Viper Commander & Canine past nastification
Sabre Tooth Demolitions past nastification
Sci-Fi Laser Trooper Lance Sputnik
Serpentor Emperor corpscommandercody
Sgt Hooligan Alley Viper Commander DREMEL
Shockwave SWAT Lance Sputnik
Skull Buster Range Viper Commander past nastification
Skydive HALO Jumper past nastification
Sly Rax Dreadnok (and future VENOM operative) past nastification
Snake Eyes GI Joe Commando/Army Khakis singsingjohnny
Snake Eyes Commando pluv
Snake Eyes Ninja ibps
Snake Eyes Removable Mask Kamakura
Snake Eyes Commando (6 inch) lance838
Snake Eyes Commando (v2) Midgarn
Snake Eyes Commando (Unmasked) DOOM
Snake Eyes Commando Spin Doctor
Snake Eyes Unmasked Ninja Commando GI JOE 2000
Snake Eyes Army soldier Captain Tazer
Snake Eyes Commando Phalanxx
Snake Eyes Ninja Commando jak1996
Snake Eyes DD Unmasked Sniper667
Snake Eyes Unmasked Vietnam soldier StevieSNLD
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