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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Highway C.O.P.S. Highway Patrol Sizemore77
Hocus-Pocus Condor II Pilot Mainframe
Hooker Earthcorps Commander Vanishing Point
Hordak Leader of Evil Horde Sean Wang
Horrorshow Anti-Armor Munitionist Vanishing Point
Inch High Private Eye sgcaper
Inferno C.O.P.S. Firefighter Sizemore77
IQ Bionic Six Member Sizemore77
Jitsu Evil Master of Martial Arts pluv
Jonny Quest Hacker, Adventurer, Science, Intel drbindy
Jonny Quest Infiltration past nastification
K.A.T. Force of Freedom Master of Disguise Sizemore77
Karate 1 Bionic Six Member Sizemore77
Katerina Anastacia Zone Rider Medic icecreamman
Kim Possible Espionage sgcaper
Kimo Karate Kommandos samurai warrior Sizemore77
Krang's Android Body Evil Rule from Dimension X DanOfTheDead
Lady Jaye Covert Operations past nastification
Lady Jaye Skeletons in the Closest nightgown pluv
Lady Jaye Covert Operations, Renegades past nastification
Lady Jaye Covert Operations Kwinn_Lives
Lady Jaye in Nightgown Intelligence Desert Cat
Launchpad Pilot and Sidekick DanOfTheDead
Leonardo Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle leader icecreamman
Lex Luthor Legion of Doom Leader icecreamman
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