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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Cobra Commander Sideshow Collectible Minature Aca1raven2002
Cobra Commander Leader FNAadventures
Cobra Commander III William Kessler, Conquerer alleyviperelite
Cobra Owl Reconnaissance icecreamman
Cobra R.A.T.S. Urban Assault Trooper icecreamman
Cobra Soldier Urban Day Ops joemichaels70
Cobra Soldier Parade Dress joemichaels70
Cobra Trooper Footsoldiers of the Cobra Army HypnoHustler
Coil Trooper Infantry HypnoHustler
Cole Cannon Civilian Ops drbindy
Colonel Brekhov Oktober Guard Commander HypnoHustler
Colonel Robert E. Hogan WWII Hero drbindy
Colonel Waters SHIELD - Fury Force Liaison drbindy
Colonel Wilma Deering Earth Defense Directorate drbindy
Commander Fred XIII alleyviperelite
Commander Raghib Dragoon Commander drbindy
Commander Rogers SHIELD Civilian Task Force drbindy
Commander Stryker Warpigs Field Commander drbindy
Commander Void Cobra Night Watch Commander LeeMarvin80
Commissioner James Gordon G.C.P.D. drbindy
Condor Desert Paratrooper LeeMarvin80
Cover Girl Armored Vehicle Driver Die Hunn
Cover Girl Armored Vehicle Expert Roadblock528
Cover Girl Armored Vehicle Expert Pyre
Cover Girl Armor blackrazor1
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