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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Taurus Renegades Demolitions Kwinn_Lives
The Beastmaster Master of Beasts drbindy
The Flash a.k.a. Barry Allen drbindy
The Green Hornet EXCAL Vigilante drbindy
The Phantom Adventurer, Protector of the Jungle drbindy
The Punisher Pun-intending vigilante, Swim suit edition Tim 121RVC
The Riddler Gotham Crime Lord drbindy
The Terminator CYBERDINE Model T-850 drbindy
Thor Avenger drbindy
Thor Odinson Avenger, MCU drbindy
Tinkerbell Captured Fairy 1:1 scale drbindy
Tollbooth Combat Engineer Kwinn_Lives
Tomax MEDUSA Officer drbindy
Tombstone Psyops Command Mainframe
Tony Stark Avengers Leader drbindy
Tony Stark Billionaire v1 drbindy
Topside Sea Devils Naval Assault Kwinn_Lives
Torpedo Sea Devils Team Leader Kwinn_Lives
Torpedo Navy SEAL Kwinn_Lives
Torpedo Navy SEAL Kwinn_Lives
Tracker Sea Devils Navy SEAL Kwinn_Lives
Tracker Naval Aircrew Garrey
Velvet Templeton Codename: Valentine joemichaels70
Voltar Iron Grenadier Commander Kwinn_Lives
Wade Collins Long-Range Recon Patrol Kwinn_Lives
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