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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Rock 1 Bionic Six Member Sizemore77
Rock Krusher Big Boss' Muscle of the Crooks Sizemore77
Rocksteady Mutated Rhinoceros DanOfTheDead
Royal Guard Guardian of the Chaos-Bringer Dayspring
Royal Guards Cobra La guards Vanishing Point
Safari Joe Thundercat Villain Tim 121RVC
Samson & Goliath ATR Wastelands Heroes sgcaper
Samurai Silent Weapons / Martial Arts Iron Will
Samurai Jack Time-Displaced Samurai DanOfTheDead
Satin Singer - Pyramid of Darkness Ian
Scarlett Counter-Intelligence past nastification
Scoobert "Scooby" Doo Misery Inc., Monster Hunter joemichaels70
Scott Trakker & T-Bob Artificial Intelligence Developer past nastification
Screamer Cold Slither Patrick A. Riley
Scylla Submarine Commander Kwinn_Lives
Sea Serpent Cobra Combat Diver Kwinn_Lives
Selina Forced Labor / Resistance Fighter past nastification
Sergeant Havoc S.A.V.A.G.E. second in command Sizemore77
Serpent-Man Super-Hero Ian
Sgt. Slaughter Drill Sergeant Nok 4 Life
Sgt. Slaughter Drill Instructor icecreamman
She-Ra Princess of Power icecreamman
Shere Khan Khan Industries CEO DanOfTheDead
Shipwreck Satin and her Dolls - Pyramid of Darkness Ian
Shipwreck Sailor StevieSNLD
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