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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Cobra MP Cobra Military Police a.dream.deferred
Cobra Officer Squad Leader Doc Rob
Cobra Overseer Cobra Field Marshall Jogunwarrior
Cobra Recruit Cobra Trainee bcost74
Cobra S.W.A.R.M. Airborne Assault Jin saotome
Cobra Tunnel Viper Revenge of the fallen Asphalt
Codebreaker Technical Surveillance Mainframe
Coin IRS Special Agent past nastification
Col. Courage Tactical Commander Doc Rob
Col. Panzer Anti-Tank Specialist Jogunwarrior
Cold Shot Arctic Marksman Tim 121RVC
Coldsnap J.O.E. Team Artic Warfare Specialist narceron
ColdSpell Knight o' the Dawn ibps
Cole Cannon Civilian Ops drbindy
Colonel Brekhov Oktober Guard Dr Joe
Colonel Charles Kayumba African Strongman & Cobra Proxy starviper
Colonel Krieg Commanding Officer 9th Viper Assault Regiment starviper
Colonel Lupus Commanding Officer, 5th Viper Regiment starviper
Colonel Rubicon Cobra Armoured Regiment Commander starviper
Colonel Skelic Commander, 1st Cobra Urban Assault Brigade starviper
Colonel Skewer Commanding Officer, 12th Viper Light Regiment starviper
Combat SEAL Jogunwarrior
Commander Fenrir, The Snow Wolf Cold Weather Commander LeeMarvin80
Commander Nadir Cobra Desert Forces Second-in-Command LeeMarvin80
Commander Void Cobra Night Watch Commander LeeMarvin80
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