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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Abominable Snowman 50th Anniversary Abominable Snowman OreoBuilder
Action Man Para 50th Anniversary Action Man Para OreoBuilder
Action Man UN Peacekeeper 50th Anniversary Action Man UN Peacekeeper OreoBuilder
Action Marine 50th Anniversary Marine OreoBuilder
Action Pilot 50th Anniversary Pilot OreoBuilder
Action Sailor 50th Anniversary Sailor OreoBuilder
Action Soldier Green Beret toy-nutz
Action Soldier 50th Anniversary Army Soldier OreoBuilder
Adventurer Explorer, Medic, Adventurer toy-nutz
Adventurer Secret Mission to Spy Island toy-nutz
Air Adventurer Fantastic Freefall toy-nutz
Anton Janus II MARS Chief Geneticist Joeczar
Arctic Adventurer 50th Anniversary Arctic Adventurer OreoBuilder
Arctic Adventurer 50th Anniversary Fight for Survival OreoBuilder
Arctic Bulletman Cold Weather Environment Specialist Joeczar
Astronaut 50th Anniversary Astronaut OreoBuilder
Australian Jungle Fighter 50th Anniversary Soldier of the World OreoBuilder
Black Widow Redevous Adventurer toy-nutz
Bulletman Superhuman toy-nutz
Copter Rescue Adventurer 50th Anniversary Copter Rescue Adventurer OreoBuilder
Crash Crew Fireman OreoBuilder
Deep Sea Diver 50th Anniversary Eight Ropes of Danger OreoBuilder
Desert Adventurer 50th Anniversary Desert Adventurer OreoBuilder
Desert Archeology Adventurer 50th Anniversary Secret of the Mummy's Tomb OreoBuilder
Desert Patrol Adventurer 50th Anniversary Desert Patrol Adventurer OreoBuilder
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