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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Admiral Keel Haul USS FLAGG Commander Vanishing Point
Airtight HAZMAT Specialist Vanishing Point
Alpine Mountain Trooper OreoBuilder
Alpine Mountaineer Vanishing Point
Barbecue Firefighter Vanishing Point
Bazooka Mobile Anti Tank Artillary Vanishing Point
Crank Case Mechanic Vanishing Point
Dusty Desert Suvival Specialist Vanishing Point
Dusty Desert Warfare Expert Die Hunn
Flint Chief Warrant Officer Die Hunn
Flint Warrant Officer Vanishing Point
Flint Warrant Officer OreoBuilder
Footloose Infantry DavAnthony
Footloose Infantry Vanishing Point
Footloose Infantry Die Hunn
Frostbite Arctic Tradesman / Driver Vanishing Point
Lady Jaye Covert Operations Vanishing Point
Quick Kick Martial Artist / Recruiter Vanishing Point
Sgt Slaughter Drill Instructor Vanishing Point
Shipwreck Sailor / Scoundrel Vanishing Point
Shipwreck Sailor OreoBuilder
Snake Eyes Ninja/Commando Version 2 Pugsley
Snake Eyes Ninja Commando OreoBuilder
Tele-Viper Communications OreoBuilder
Toll Booth Combat Engineer Vanishing Point
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