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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Ace Battle Corps Pilot OreoBuilder
Ace Battle Corps Rangers Pilot OreoBuilder
Alley-Vipers Cobra Battle Corps Urban Troops OreoBuilder
Annihilator Destro's Bodyguards & Airborne Trooper supersnake
Backblast Battle Corps Anti-Aircraft Trooper OreoBuilder
Barricade Battle Corps Bunker Buster OreoBuilder
Bazooka Battle Corps Missile Soldier OreoBuilder
Beachhead Battle Corps Ranger OreoBuilder
Big Bear Battle Corps Anti-Armor Specialist OreoBuilder
Blowtorch Flamethrower/Fire Interventionist LobsterOverlord
Bulletproof DEF Commander OreoBuilder
Cobra Commander Cobra Battle Corps Supreme Leader OreoBuilder
Colonel Courage Battle Corps Colonel OreoBuilder
Cutter DEF Vehicle Driver OreoBuilder
Duke Battle Corps Rangers Commander OreoBuilder
Duke Battle Corps First Sergeant OreoBuilder
Flak Viper Cobra Battle Corps Anti-Aircraft Trooper OreoBuilder
Flint Battle Corps Desert Paratrooper OreoBuilder
Frostbite Battle Corps Arctic Soldier OreoBuilder
General Hawk Battle Corps Commander OreoBuilder
GI Joe Team Founder OreoBuilder
Grunt Basic Training Uniform OreoBuilder
Headhunter Street Trooper Ian
Headhunter Narcotic Guard Ian
Headhunters Headman's Narcotics Guards OreoBuilder
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