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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Big Ben SAS Trooper Robrauder
Blades SAF Assault Pilot Vanishing Point
Break-In Infiltration Vanishing Point
Cesspool Eco Terrorist - Toxo-Patrol Leader Vanishing Point
Cesspool Chemical Company CEO Robrauder
Cloudburst Glider Trooper Robrauder
Cobra Commander Cobra Leader Robrauder
Cobra Viper Sonic Fighters Cobra Infantry Robrauder
Crimson Guard Immortal Cobra Elite Trooper Robrauder
Dusty Desert Operations / Rat Patrol Robrauder
Grunt Infantry Squad Leader Robrauder
Low-Light Night Fighter Robrauder
Mercer G.I.Joe Mercenary Robrauder
Night Vulture Air Recon Trooper Robrauder
Outlaw Forcible Entry Vanishing Point
Ruslan Oktober Guard Recon Vanishing Point
Sky Creeper Silent Entry/Catburglar Vanishing Point
Skymate Glider Trooper Robrauder
Snake Eyes Paintball Commando Robrauder
Throwdown Commando Vanishing Point
Tunnel Rat Tiger Force E.O.D. Robrauder
Zap Ground Artillery Soldier Robrauder
Zapper Electronic Countermeasures Vanishing Point
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