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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
A.V.A.C. Firebat Pilot Tunnel Rat
Abraham Lincoln 16th President of the United States DanOfTheDead
Ace Pilot MacGyver
Ace Sky-Striker Pilot Tunnel Rat
Ace Riker Test Pilot past nastification
Aeon Flux Secret Agent and Assassin DanOfTheDead
Agent "Rock 'N Roll" McConnel EXCAL Civilian Ops, Aquatic Missions drbindy
Agent 069 Former British Intel Agent/EXCAL Operative drbindy
Agent Colstan DOD agent livingwolverine
Agent Delta Joe Spy Turned Cobra Agent Dayspring
Agent Faces Master of Disguise icecreamman
Agent Helix Classified Stronox
Agent J Zombie Elimination Department DanOfTheDead
Agent Johnson DOD agent livingwolverine
Agent Natalie Poole Covert Operations Veronica Mars
Agent Panther Intelligence Kilcarr
Air Adventurer Adventure Team Helicopter Pilot toy-nutz
Air Raid Sky Patrol LeeMarvin80
Airborne Airborne Infantry DavAnthony
Airtight Chemical Weapons Specialist punkrock-n-roll
Airtight Hostile Environments snowman_ejc
Airtight Hostile Environment Trooper Spin Doctor
Airtight Hostile Enviroment Trooper bucky
Airtight Hostile Environment elgoodo
Alec Trevelyan Field Operative past nastification
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