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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Alien Pilot Adventure People Alien Pilot OreoBuilder
Alpha Probe Astronaut Adventure People Astronaut OreoBuilder
Barney Adventure People Construction Worker OreoBuilder
Brad Adventure People Outdoorsman OreoBuilder
Brainoid Adventure People Alien OreoBuilder
Chet Adventure People Kayaker OreoBuilder
Chickenwire Mother Psychological Operations past nastification
Chopper Dreadnok past nastification
Clawtron Evil Adventure People Robot OreoBuilder
Coils O'Doom Mercenary past nastification
Evy Range Viper past nastification
Frank Adventure People Construction Worker OreoBuilder
Frogman Adventure People Frogman OreoBuilder
Granny Metal Head's Grandmother past nastification
Hammer Head Mercenary, Underwater Ops (The Bad Guys) past nastification
Hawk Adventure People Outdoorsman OreoBuilder
Highway Trooper Motorcycle Police Officer OreoBuilder
Jackie Love USO Performer past nastification
Jan Adventure People Mountain Climber OreoBuilder
Javenlina Mercenary, Ground Support Crew (The Bad Guys) past nastification
Jess Adventure People Air Rescue Pilot OreoBuilder
Jim Adventure People Safari Expedition Leader OreoBuilder
Jody Adventure People Safari Expedition Explorer OreoBuilder
Kirk Adventure People Cameraman OreoBuilder
M Chief of Secret Intelligence Service past nastification
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