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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Abominable Snowman 50th Anniversary Abominable Snowman OreoBuilder
Adventure Team Artic Adventurer Polar Explorer toy-nutz
Adventure Team Commander Field Commander Ian
Adventure Team Commander Someone to give orders,sign requisitions etc. C Richter
Adventure Team Commander Leader of Adventure Team SteelBrigade82
Adventurer Secret Mission to Spy Island toy-nutz
Adventurer Desert Specialist Ian
Adventurer Adventure Team bcost74
Adventurer Explorer, Medic, Adventurer toy-nutz
Air Adventurer Adventure Team bcost74
Air Adventurer Pilot Ian
Air Adventurer Fantastic Freefall toy-nutz
Air Adventurer Adventure Team Helicopter Pilot toy-nutz
Airlift Air Adventurer OreoBuilder
Amphibious Adventurer Agent Atoll Mission C Richter
Arctic Adventurer 50th Anniversary Fight for Survival OreoBuilder
Arctic Adventurer 50th Anniversary Arctic Adventurer OreoBuilder
Arctic Bulletman Cold Weather Environment Specialist Joeczar
Ash Skullstriker Adventure Team Dino Hunter pluv
beav Man of (In)Action beav
Big Jim Sky Commander Pilot, AT and Wolfpack member drbindy
Billy Awesome being awesome danielb
Black Widow Redevous Adventurer toy-nutz
Blindman "Barrlow's World" Kaiju The Spectre
Breaker Sky Commander Communications Officer drbindy
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