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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Aeron Cole Ajax Security drbindy
Captain Addai "Reformed" Pirate drbindy
Captain Ridge Dawson Avalonian Dagger Pilot drbindy
Commander Raghib Dragoon Commander drbindy
D. Ranger Ajax C.A.G. of RAA Trinity (Dress Uniform) drbindy
Dexter "Baby Boy" Rollins Talon's Mechanic, Ajax's Pal, v.1 drbindy
Imber Ferro Lady at the King's Court drbindy
Joan the Purifier Dragoon Cleric drbindy
King Leondegrance de Bellona Ruler of the Kingdom of Avalonia drbindy
Lady Sophia Dante Avalonian Paladin (Tales From the Fringe) drbindy
Lord Startower Avalonian Minister of Justice drbindy
Lt. Jane Aerium Dress Uniform drbindy
Lt. Jane Aerium Avalonian Dagger Pilot drbindy
Lt. Kre Tallon Avalonian Dagger Pilot drbindy
Percy Ajax v09 Series 04 - Ultimate/HACKS drbindy
Queen Cornelia Wife of King Leondegrance de Bellona drbindy
Spacer number 1 Pilot, Cantina Customer drbindy
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