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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Abutre Negro International Exclusive Void
Airtight Hostile Environment Kwinn_Lives
Albatross Sky Patrol Ground Chief Vanishing Point
Brazilian Commando David Jake
Armadilha Trapper Jogunwarrior
Brazilian Army Paratrooper Infantry TrooperBrCustoms
Claymore Covert Operations elgoodo
Claymore Covert Operations Ian
Cobra de Aco Cobra Commando Ian
Cobra De Aco Laser Trooper fschalk
Cobra De Aco 25th Sculpt DarkHelmet
Cobra Commando LIVEVIL
David Jake
Assassin remster_9
The Brazilian Steel Cobra a.dream.deferred
Cobra Invasor International Enemy turner
Cobra Invasor Infantry Ian
Corrosao Chemical Weapons past nastification
Corrosion Toxo Patrol Chemist Vanishing Point
Dial-Tone Communications Ian
Dial-Tone Mission Brazil Communications Robrauder
Escorpiao Voador International Exclusive Void
Flying Scorpion Air Assault past nastification
Gatilho Python Patrol Sniper Ian
Gatilho Python Patrol Marksman aka Trigger Kwinn_Lives
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